I like to say that I’m a dreamer. I come up with grand ideas for projects and stories. But I’ve learned that expectations aren’t always reality. This week, I had a vision for how my story would turn out. And let’s just say what I ended up with was not what I envisioned. But with the help of my mentor, Ariel Van Cleave, I was able to let things go and enjoy the journey. I think that’s what the experience is truly about. I got to meet some kick ass fellows, wonderful mentors and I got to spend time with Kristi Brown, a black woman who is a true BOSS. Kristi taught me you shouldn’t measure yourself to other people’s standards. You just have to do you. That’s a lesson that I’ll try to take back home with me.

I also learned I was able to accomplish a lot of things in a short amount of time. Sometimes you need to be reminded of your magic and the things that make you special. And it’s also important to find people that support your magic. People that understand your worth. Sometimes that can be a hard thing to do, but after being in a room with people who all genuinely care about each other, I know I have to continue to find spaces like this.